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Asahi Pentax SV S/N 975144 ===== SPECS Years Produced - 1962-1968 Uses M42 mount Timers sets up to 10 seconds Shutter speed - 1/1000" to 1", Bulb, Timer.The SV was nearly the last Pentax SLR not to have a built-in meter (the SL, The lens on it was the Asahi Pentax Super Takumar 55mm f/1.8, .

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Find great deals on eBay for asahi pentax and pentax asahi spotmatic. Shop with confidence.The Asahi Pentax SV / H3v was launched in 1963. This introduces the fully automatic aperture operation on the Asahi Pentax cameras. For the US market, this model was regarded as a replacement for the H3 with the addition of a self-timer (v), which was the other new thing on this model.

Asahi Pentax started making waves in the 35mm SLR market in 1957 with the release of the original Asahi Pentax (aka AP). Several models were to follow and then in 1964 the game changing Spotmatic was released and went on to set all sorts of sales records. But the SV is a unique camera that….What is it? This is a Pentax Sv 35mm SLR film camera made by the Asahi Optical Company, based in Tokyo, Japan. The Sv is one the last models of the Pentax S-series and was a very popular camera worldwide selling nearly half a million copies.

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  1. The Asahi Pentax S1a/SV were essentially forerunners of the 1964 Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, but without a light meter. The cost of the S1a, with an f/2 55mm Super Takumar was £72 - 10s - 0d I assume the advertisement (left) dates to around 1962, when the average UK monthly wage was about.Asahi Pentax SV w/ Photo Meter 35mm SLR Super-Takumar 50mm F/1.8 Lens (Q12) Asahi Pentax SV w/ Photo Meter To a large extent , I like Pentax Camera , it is reliable mechanically, and although it is not as famous as other Brand like Canon/Nikon, I find the old camera more reliable than other brand.

  2. Group Rules It’s simple 1 - images from Asahi Pentax M42 cameras with no built in light meter (means no Spotmatics and any model after them) 2 - Asahi Pentax M42 models: AP, S, K, S1, S2, S3, Super.Asahi Pentax SV & S1a Posted 10-17-'04. The next page contains information on this camera. If the image below looks like your camera, click below to see the .

  3. In 1952, Asahi Kogaku (Pentax) launched "Asahi Flex" that was the first 35mm SLR camera in Japan. And five years after that, it introduced the next SLR model .Jun 29, 2016 The Pentax SV is the final incarnation of this original Asahi Pentax, its healthy production run spanning from 1962-1970. But even though it was .

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ASAHI PENTAX SV (1962) Equipped with a self timer. The film counter becomes an automatically resetting counter linked with the opening/closing of the back cover. ASAHI PENTAX SP (1964) The "TTL metering system" using the average metering system which measures the light passing through the lens is equipped for the first time. ASAHI PENTAX ES (1971) The world's first SLR camera with aperture.Find great deals on eBay for pentax sv camera and pentax h3v camera. Shop with confidence.